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Leisure activities

MushroomsYour vacation at our hotel will help you feel fully relaxed and fresh. We offer different outdoor activities such as mushroom gathering, picnics etc.

The PoolThe region is famous for its edible mushrooms, herbs, and wild fruit. You can gather mushrooms and then you can cook them at the hotel. Depending on the season you can pick different wild fruit (blackberries, strawberries) or various herbs. If you feel like sunbathing you can relax near the small pool of our hotel. The evenings are cool and peaceful here.

Hotel Balkan paradise is the perfect place to stay if you are looking for a family vacation. It is a quiet and safe place. There is no traffic, no crowds of strangers typical for cities. Your children can play as much as they want right before your eyes. They can have fun at the pool, on the swing, in the playground. As for you – you can relax and enjoy family vacation. There are two small rivers near the hotel – a wonderful place for fishing and sunbathing. The region is suitable for hunting tourism.

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