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Drenta22 kilometers western from the town of Elena, along the Balkan Mountains, between two small rivers lies the village of Drenta.

It is situated on the western side of the Balkan Mountains.Map It is a small but spacious village. Drenta is an attractive tourist destination because of its crystal clear mountain air; cold and clear rivers gurgling playfully among the woodlands. The deep shades of the forest offer a good rest for the traveller. The vast meadows enclosed with age-old breech trees on either side, resemble a skilfully woven Persian rug with their peculiar herbs and wild flowers. This lovely scenery fascinates the guests of the village and makes them come back again and again...

Hotel Balkan paradise is situated at the foot of the Balkan Mountains. The kind hosts of the hotel have done their best to create your paradise in Elena Balkan.

Family hotel Balkan paradise

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